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Nothing resonates with people better than a story well told.
If you’re looking for creative ways to reach people
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We’re the company for you. Nautilus Studios

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Nautilus Studios is a graphic and visual design company. We specialize in visual storytelling to make your marketing communications creative and effective.

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Nautilus Studios is led by Jamie Bautista, an award-winning comic creator and publisher, experienced graphic designer, and entrepreneur with a Masters in Entreprenuership from the Asian Institute of Management. His series Private Iris was nominated for the Manila Critics Circle National Book Awards and the anthologies Siglo: Freedom and Siglo: Passion, which he published, both won the National Book Awards in 2003 and 2005 respectively. His young adult series Cast won several awards including Best Comic Series at the 2009 Komikon Awards.

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Some of Our Custom-made Comics


Meet the Author: Private Iris Creator Jamie Bautista

Since it is Literacy month, Xavier invited a famous comic book writer, Jamie Bautista, for the Friday Specials. He made the comic books called, Private Iris. This series has a lot of comic books that talk about saving money with some fun and action.

Printed or online comics? Writer and publisher Jamie Bautista talks

What did happen to Cast, you ask? Jamie says that Cast was a full-color comic, not an anthology, with 90 percent of the writing done by Bautista and Elbert Or doing one issue and back-up stories, and the same art teams for 3 to 5 issue runs. It was a lot of expense for his investors, since they had gotten people to put up money for it, and a lot of work. When they got to issue 11, the sales just weren’t there to support the costs.

The Clique of Clicks: Jamie Bautista of Nautilus Graphic and Visual Designs

Jamie Bautista has turned being a geek into a creative science. From running a printing press, he has decided to skip the machinery and go into the (he)art for the matter. As sole proprietor and Design Director of Nautilus Graphic and Visual Designs, Jamie is able to incorporate his skills and interests into what he does for a living – like a boss. (Well, because he is the boss.) "Being entrepreneurial requires a creative side," says the comic book creator.